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ChiCity Deserves Your Vote

Tonight marks the beginning of the final 100 days of the presidency of George W. Bush. Now, there's no reason to turn this DUAN into a political debate - if you're in the 25% that still approve of the job Bush is doing, good for you; you're no flip-flopper - but we should take this as an opportunity to put aside our differences for the common good. Let us all come together - from the pretentious snobs of New York to the unintelligencia of East LA, from the sister-bangers of Wasilla to the anal bandits of San Francisco, from sea to shining sea - and form as one America for the most noble cause of all: promoting the brilliance that is ChiCity. Honestly, the man deserves his own TV show. First one to completely transcribe the video gets a cookie. Ed. note: For those of you not furiously scribbling ChiCity's words of wisdom onto pieces of scrap paper there's a playoff baseball game to be enjoyed! And hey, if you don't enjoy playoff baseball then you should at least be able to enjoy a chance to see the Red Sox lose. So break out the clippers and turn yourself into a Rays fan for the night (or until the rest of your hair grows back). Or just watch the football, you know, whatever's good. Follow along in the comments, and remember to play nicely. Iracane is always watching, even when you're in the bathroom. Especially when you're in the bathroom.

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