Chicken And Eggs Together: Disgusting


That is what all god-fearing people want to do when they contemplate the unnatural prospect of eating chicken and eggs together. Have chicken, or have eggs. Don’t have chicken with eggs. That is truly disgusting.


What’s wrong with you?

You get some sort of “kick” out of this, you sick fucks? Chick-fil-A? Is this the revolting brand of Christianity you practice? It’s not enough for you to kill millions of chickens—you have to force them to go down the hatch right beside their babies? Does this “turn you on?”

I want to throw up all over your red-and-white checkered plastic restaurant decor. Scoundrels.

Not even human cannibals eat parents and their children together at the same time. Is that what you are—sicker than a cannibal?


Gaze upon this REAL diner menu and its vile branding for this nauseating dish:

Illustration for article titled Chicken And Eggs Together: Disgusting

“Mother and Child Reunion.” An involuntary shudder wracks you now, if you have any soul. I am throwing up on my keyboard now. It is a small price to pay to ensure that no one ever prepare or sell this particular combination of food again.

I have a better name: Vomit and Throwup Reunion. Go to jail for this. Never talk about this again.

Senior Writer.