Reader Alex sent us photos from today's Phillies game against the Marlins. As an event for the first Sunday home game, the team used children's drawings of the players for the pictures accompanying the lineup on the Jumbotron. The doodles are pretty cute, and—oh no, what happened to Marlon Byrd's eye??

Alex sent along all nine players' portraits. Tony Gwynn, Jr. is nervous about...something:

No one ever taught Domonic Brown how to smile:

Ryan Howard has rows of teeth, like a shark. That's how he eats Subway sandwiches so quickly:


Cody Asche as Bat Boy:

Wil Nieves has unusual facial hair, just letting it grow in patches wherever:


A perfectly drawn Chase Utley. The sideways hat and soul patch are on point:

Jimmy Rollins's hat should be larger. It's at "train conductor" level, but Tianna needs to get to "magician":


Why's Kyle Kendrick so sad? WHO MADE KYLE KENDRICK SO SAD?