Chill Teen Marcus Rashford Saves Manchester United's Ass

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It was a little over a year ago when we were first introduced to Marcus Rashford, then a largely unknown Manchester United youth teamer who was called on to rescue United in the Europa League. His heroic performance that day augured well for the young striker, and Rashford has only continued bolstering his reputation as one of the most promising forwards in the world.

The braces-rocking 19-year-old was again tasked with helping United advance in the Europa League today, and again he came up big. He had the assist on the opener (though it was teammate Paul Pogba who deserves the majority of the credit for that one), and killed the game off in extra time by scoring an unbelievably cool-headed goal late on:


That calm thinking of his is one of the traits that make Rashford so special, and is something you rarely see in a player his age. With the ball at his feet in the box late in a huge game, Rashford never panicked. Rather than hurriedly swinging his foot through the ball at the first opportunity—a move it would’ve been hard to fault him for—the teen instead backheeled it over to his left foot, a move that dusted the two Anderlecht players marking him and opened him up for an easy finish. This guy is so good, it’s crazy.