Raiders, Bengals and Bears fans have all purchased billboards calling for their teams to clean house in the front office. But those are angry, angry cities. The salt-of-the-earth folk in Upstate New York prefer more constructive advice on their roadsides.

Monday, a local site launched a campaign to raise money to erect a sign in downtown Buffalo calling for the team to hire Bill Cowher. It took less than four days. Either Bills fans really, really want a coach with a proven track record, or ad space in the Rust Belt isn't exactly at a premium.

Fan campaigns have historically been less than effective. Al Davis is still GM in Oakland. Lovie Smith is coming back to coach the Bears. Mike Brown still does just about everything in Cincinnati. And we all know how well did in luring Bill to Cleveland last winter.

But I have a feeling this one might work. Cowher's repeatedly said he wants to get back into coaching this year, and there's only one vacancy: in Buffalo. So nice timing, Bills fans. You probably would get your man anyway, and now commuters have to look at Cowher's snarling visage every morning.

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