There's pretty much nothing the Chinese government is doing to prepare for the Olympics next year that isn't entertaining. Here's their next trick: Making sure the hostesses for all the events are freaking hot.

In other words: Don't let your fat ass become a distraction to the athletes.

For women hoping to become hostesses at next year's Olympic Games medal ceremonies, here come the criteria: no tattoos, no big bottoms, and cut down on the earrings.

Tattoos and earrings tend to look sleazy, while big bottoms could stick out too much, state media reported yesterday, quoting officials selecting candidates for medal ceremonies and other protocol activities.

We think this is a somewhat reasonable, if somewhat uncouth, request for a government to make of their hostesses, but because it's China, we shudder to think of the ways they might enforce this. The good news? None of their hostesses will now be harassed by Jason Kidd.

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