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Chinese Bar Owners Sign Pledge Not to Serve Blacks, Mongolians?

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The report originated in Hong Kong's South China Morning Post and is, evidently, not a joke. I'm not an expert on the SCMP but it's evidently a reputable newspaper in Hong Kong. We've linked to the blog post discussing Miller's article because you have to subscribe to the newspaper to read some of their online articles. Including this one. Perhaps some of our overseas commenters can provide more information on the newspaper. Per Tom Miller of the SCMP:

Bar owners near the Workers' Stadium in central Beijing say they have been forced by Public Security Bureau officials to sign pledges agreeing not to let black people enter their premises.
"Uniformed Public Security Bureau officers came into the bar recently and told me not to serve black people or Mongolians," said the co-owner of a western-style bar, who asked not to be named.

Several blogs have already picked up the story and are running with it. Denials, I'm sure, will be shortly forthcoming from Chinese Olympic officials and as of now this story is the lone evidence and accompanied by anonymous sources that have been criticized here. But, even still.

Ahh, China, you bastion of cultural freedom and equality you. May all your women be impregnanted by black and Mongolian men. Where are Genghis Khan and Shawn Kemp when you need them?


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