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Chinese Hoops Player Makes Best Highlight, Worst Mistake Of His Life

Han Dejun is a 7-foot-1 center who plays for the Liaoning Flying Leopards in the Chinese Basketball Association. He's huge. In this video, you can see him dunking on Stephon Marbury, who is both old and relatively small, and then nearly hyping his own face off.

The Deadspin staff has been in a heated discussion about whether Han's celebration was merited. Dunking on someone is always cool and worthy of celebration, but less so when you are nearly a foot taller than your victim, and especially less so when your victim is a 38-year-old rotating defender who came this close to eating your shit. I'd argue that in most circumstances, a standard "too strong" flex would suffice here, and that Han's Shaq Stomp, KG Scream, LeBron Chest Thump combo would count as overboard.


However! This dunk just so happened to come in the final minutes of a close Game 4 of the CBA finals, and a victory would have given Han's team a 3-1 series lead. Given the moment, Han's reaction is much more understandable.

But also! Han really fucked up. That's because Marbury, who scored 36 points in the game, proceeded to take over and lead his team to a comeback win. And guess which big galoot got the game-winning layup dropped right in his face?

Yeah, on second thought, Han probably should have just gone for the "too strong" flex.

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