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And so these playoffs end much as they began: with people on the Internet calling a broadcaster a "total ass whip." Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Chris Rose.


Rose handled postgame duty last night, baffling the Yankees with a series of unanswerable questions, like the zen koan he threw at Derek Jeter — "Jeets," he called him — about GPS devices or something. It was a command performance. For a brief moment, he made Chip Caray look like Red Barber. On Twitter, Rose was deemed ...

... LAME

... weird

... awful

... crappy

... terrible

... absolutely terrible

... corny

... sooooo damn CORNY

... a tool

... such a tool

... such a moron

... a dufus

... a douchebag

... a fuckin d-bag

... a bit of a goofball

... a total ass whip

... one of the worst post game and pre game analysts!!!

... gunning for razzie as worst championship post-game celebration presenter

... a grease fire as an anchor/reporter

... just as worthless and annoying as Buck and McCarver

... the worst thing Fox has ever produced

That's right. Worse than The $treet. I will borrow from Caray here: Chris Rose, you've just been fisted.

Photo via The New York Times

EARLIER: Fisting Chip Caray

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