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Choose Your Own Adventure

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You are standing at the crossroads of your life. There are two closed doors in front of you. Behind one of them is an expansive gallery featuring 92 photos of the lovely dimple-faced Carrie Milibank in all of her bikini-laden glory. But behind the other door lurks an evil Auburn fan, donning a creepy mask that can only be labeled as "Nightmare Fuel". Choose wisely, and the happiness you gain from the erotic Milibank images will be with you for the rest of your days, putting a smile on your face whenever times are tough and 5-hour-long NFL games end without a victor. But choose poorly, and you will never sleep again, fighting off the ghastly image for the rest of your sad, pathetic, sleep-deprived life. Remember, you can only choose one possible ending! So, which will it be: - Door number one - Door number two Have a nice night, folks. Enjoy Sussman's live blog of the much-anticipated return of Jessica Simpson's dreamy boyfriend!


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