Chris Beard Gets Unnecessarily Upset Over A Walk-On's Late Dunk

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With the final seconds of regulation winding down in No. 14 Texas Tech’s game against Baylor on Saturday, redshirt junior guard Andrew Sorrells found an opportunity to give walk-on Avery Benson the perfect lob to throw down an alley-oop with in front of the home crowd. Benson completed the dunk, and every Tech fan in United Supermarkets Arena was pretty damn happy that that’s how the home team punctuated an 86-61 win. Everyone, of course, except coach Chris Beard, whose doughy face immediately turned bright red once the play went down and began to admonish his players on the court for having the audacity to not do exactly as they’re told with a 23-point lead.

Chris Beard Gets Angry Over Dunk

What exactly does Beard think he’s accomplishing with his tantrum here? Is he afraid of his reputation being tarnished by this? Does he think that allowing this gives other teams permission to run the score up on his squad? Is the flimsy value of sportsmanship something he holds in high regard?

Whatever the reason, it’s not good enough to justify this grown man blowing a gasket over a college kid deciding to do something cool in a game, especially in front of an adoring crowd. Why the hell would you do anything to try and take that away from him? Besides, this came against Baylor and that program can go fuck itself. Just let the walk-ons score in peace next time, coward.