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Chris Berman At The U.S. Open: "I'd Rather Sit In The Corner Of A Deserted Warehouse And Slug Rats"

Chris Berman, the sentient sports fan's favorite punching bag, spent the last two days ruining the U.S. Open, according to many. Operating brains everywhere were firing off questions like "Why?" and "Is ESPN trying to kill me?" Probably not, but It is, of course, a symptom of the larger problem at ESPN.

Berman is ESPN's version of Jim Nantz at CBS. They trot him out for all the big events on the mothership so viewers will know "This is a big deal." That's why we get Berman at the Open, the Home Run Derby, Everything Football-Related, Baseball Tonight during the World Series. Chris Berman is ESPN's gravitas.


Whereas Nantz is the face of the Tiffany Network: sharp, well dressed, a certain understated dignity with more than a hint of smugness; Berman is the perfect stooge for the bloated circus that is ESPN and its various brands. He is Rodney Dangerfield without the self awareness. And judging by the reaction during ESPN's broadcast of the 2012 U.S. Open, he gets no respect.

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As many have pointed out, we may not be out of the tall grass just yet. Johnny Miller picks up today where Berman left off. Enjoy!

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