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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Few things tickle us more than a good broadcaster feud. Two gasbags, dueling it out for Mayor of Gasbaggington. It's little surprise that Chris Berman, who, yes, has another video out, and Al Michaels might be rivals.

In fact, we think we love the fact that Berman — who, in most of these videos, was making one of his first appearances on basic network TV — would have an imaginary rivalry with Al, who will always be slicker, smoother and more Hollywood. You have to love the relish with which Berman sneers "Alllll," quietly aware that Joe Montana, no matter how many songs he yells with Huey Lewis, will always like Al more. No respect, we tell you: No respect.


Berman YouTuber Shares Some Insight [Deadspin]

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