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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Sunday afternoon is devoted to Busted Coverage, apparently. The BC showed the initiative to reach out to the mysterious "Ampex 2000", author of the last four Berman videos that emerged online. Turns out the poster "was" in broadcasting for a few years.

Have you been holding the Berman vids since 2000? If so, why?

I saw the one that someone released that was a huge hit. I thought I was given the only copy years ago. At that point I said what the heck let's see how many hits can we get with the other ones. After all few see what some of these announcers are like and this is a perfect representation of what Chris is really like!


But, still, if the guy "was" in broadcasting, why no true identity? I'm still curious as to why these videos suddenly started surfacing recently.

Chris Berman YouTube Poster Talks to Busted Coverage [BC]

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