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Chris Berman Plays His Greatest Hits: Deux, Deux, Deux

Like any good showman knows, you've got to give the people what they want. And, clearly, what the people want is an homage to a bit on foreign painkillers from a lovable oaf. So this morning on Sunday NFL Countdown, Chris Berman used the Buffalo Bills "home game" in Toronto against the Seahawks to return to the Canadian well with just a little drop of codeine.

Chris Berman has many bits that he trots out for our pleasure each week, but today he referenced one that was never intended to be aired, yet made it's way to our eyes and ears years later. "I'm sure if there's aches and pains in that Canada game....the deux deux deuxs might help." That pause. My goodness, you can almost feel the full-body wink.


Smart move on his part though, not to discuss his chosen method of procuring the Canadian aspirin with "juuuust enough to give you that pop"—which would be smuggling the pills in his suitcase—as he was actually live on air this time. Poor Adam Schefter and Chris Mortensen react in the way one presumably reacts to all Berman interactions: confused, awkward laughter and a quick change of subject.

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