A reader, whom we suspect represents a large swath of the Deadspin demographic, wrote us this morning:

My girlfriend doesn't have cable, so I had to choose between Regis and Kelly, Divorce Court, Tyra, or Sesame Street to watch with breakfast this morning. Easy choice - I went with the Muppets. You are not going to believe this, but there is a Berman Muppet complete with terrible hair do. He was calling an event where Telly Monster and some others were chasing around a floating hunk of cheese.

They replayed the episode at noon ET ... and he's absolutely right. The Berman Muppet, voiced by Boomer himself, broadcasts a race for cheese. He does not eat it.

This is all absolutely true. The mind spins.

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(UPDATE: Here's the video. See? We didn't make it up!)