All journalists covering Media Day are in the same boat. Everyone shares time and resources with everyone else to the benefit of all involved. Sorry, but that's not the way Chris Berman operates.

Super Bowl Media Day is really a glorified press conference, where each player sits in front of one microphone while various reporters stand at a respectful distance and take turns shouting out one, maybe two questions, and everyone gets to hear the answer. Unless, you're Chris Berman, in which case it's perfectly fine to interrupt what everyone else is doing to conduct your own one-on-one interview with Hines Ward. He even brings his own microphone! So maybe if he wants to cross the rope line and ask five or six followup questions about obscure Pittsburgh trivia, then the rest of you typewriter jockeys can just put that in your straw and suck it.

It's like none of you have ever been to Media Day before! [Video via ESPN News]