Chris Broussard Gets In His Car, Loudly Defends Himself From Kevin Durant

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At some point on Wednesday, as nationwide support for the meteor intensified, Fox Sports scoopster Chris Broussard balanced his phone on the dashboard of his car and defended himself from Kevin Durant’s attacks on his credibility. At the end of the day, this is about ethics in pettiness.

Broussard had previously claimed to have had extensive conversations with KD. KD defused this with a “u don’t have my number mannnnn.” This inspired Broussard to honk into his phone for a whole minute, asking the audience to reconsider what really constituted a “text” in this day and age. Here is a partial transcript:

In my telephone I have more than 60 direct messages from Kevin Durant on Twitter and Instagram since February of 2018. These were conversations initiated by KD himself [...] some of these conversations lasted more than five hours.

If you want to argue over the difference between a text and a DM in 2019, go right ahead. But to me it’s all the same thing.


Broussard promised he would never expose the exchange out of respect for Durant. So long as he refuses to share the concrete evidence, these bright minds should continue bashing their skulls together.


The timing of Durant’s latest overly online escapade—sitting out injured as his team sweeps the conference finals, teammates Draymond Green and Steph Curry each returning to their fully realized ideals—could not have been more delicious. As a Knicks fan, I have long resisted the notion that Durant would sign this summer so as to protect myself from disappointment. Now that he’s picked up a career-troubling leg injury and cannot physically prevent himself from squabbling with a cable-news blowhard, I am ready to believe.