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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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Reports out of Ashburn, Virginia (nothing good has ever followed that phrase) indicate that Fred Davis, one of Washington's second round picks, slept through one of his first practices as a Redskin. It isn't a good start for the rookie, especially with a Pro Bowl tight end starting in front of him. Speaking of Chris Cooley, he happened to be blogging about Davis earlier in the week while answering a reader's question ("Fred Davis?") on his blog.

I think no more be said in the question. I was as surprised as anyone that the Redskins drafted a tight end this year. We saw Fred Davis as a first round player that had fallen way down into the second round. The Redskins felt like it was way to much value to pass on. As a player I feel like you can never discount having the best 11 guys on the field, so if two tight ends makes up the best 11 guys I'm all for it. I will do everything I can to help Fred become the best football player for the Redskins and I think he will do a great job.


Chris, your first task is to buy your new teammate an alarm clock. Your second task is to convince them to trade him for a defensive lineman.

Cooley also fielded a question on Washington's use of a sixth round draft pick. "I know really. A punter? Hopefully he can kick the shit out of the ball." And true to blogger form, he linked to a YouTube clip of said punter kicking the shit out of the ball.

The highlight of the post came when Cooley answered a question regarding the ideal draft analyst.

I would take Mel Kiper's arrogant, know it all personality and put it into some really hot chick. The girl from the movie Transformers would be great. I would watch the draft all day.


I'm quite certain that Chris Cooley should be running either the Redskins or broadcast television. Perhaps both.

For the full questions and answers check out Cooley's official blog, Outside Football. It's like Football Outsiders only the exact opposite.


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