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Chris Henry Probably Isn't Felonious; Just Dumb

We know what suspended Bengals wide receiver Chris Henry was doing on Sunday; he was watching football with our own MJD. And now we know what he doing the rest of the week; accidentally stealing rental cars.


Police called in the plates on a car they didn't recognize outside Henry's house — and it's telling that there's a police car constantly patrolling Chris Henry's house — and discovered that Hertz Rental Car had reported it stolen. Thing is, Henry didn't think he had stolen it; he just thought the insurance covered it.

Henry told investigators that his own vehicle had been stolen in Louisiana, where he is from originally, and he rented a car from Hertz. The Bengals' wide receiver said he thought his insurance company was paying for the car, so he had not made any payment for the vehicle.

Authorities said Hertz had not received payment from Henry or his insurance company, and the car was reported stolen.

We don't think Henry meant to "steal" the car, but his mindset is perhaps more telling. Basically, because his own car had been "stolen," his brain told him, "Well, because my car was jacked, I can just hop in one of the cars in this lot and just take off. Look, they even left the keys for me!" Because remember: The cars in the lot, the ones with the keys already in the ignition, they're just free cars, really. Go ahead. They've got plenty.

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