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Chris Jones's Day Included Embarrassing Blake Bortles And Punching A Guy's Ass

The most anticipated game of the early NFL season was pretty one-sided. The undefeated Kansas City Chiefs and their high-powered offense have been dominating the supposedly impenetrable defense of the 3-1 Jacksonville Jaguars. Oddly enough, one of the more notable players of the game was not the league’s new darling, Patrick Mahomes, it was defensive tackle Chris Jones.


Near the end of the first half, Jones jumped a Blake Bortles screen pass for an interception and proceeded to juke the absolute life out of the struggling quarterback.

Considering the Chiefs defense are 30th overall in total yards allowed, this normally would have been the defenders’ few opportunities for a highlight on the day. But Jones wasn’t done. During a Jacksonville field goal attempt, the defensive tackle fell on top of a Jaguars lineman and decided to punch the player on the ass.

Unsurprisingly, Jones was ejected from the game because he chose to strike his opponent right in front of a ref. Not the smartest play of the day, but I don’t think there are many linemen who can say they scored a pick-six and were later ejected in the same game, so that has to count for something.

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