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Chris Olave Continues Breakout Day For Ohio State With Touchdown From Blocked Punt

Ohio State’s special teams made up for the muffed kickoff that set up Michigan to cut the lead down to two with a blocked punt that was returned for a touchdown with 4:41 left in the third quarter. What made this return special, though, wasn’t just that it was smooth as all hell, but that it came from the block of freshman wide receiver Chris Olave.


Olave was a late addition to the Buckeyes’ 2018 recruiting class. Prior to this game, he had only five reception on the year and was only inserted into the team after a junior ahead of him injured his foot. Against Michigan today, however, he’s proven to be a breakout star and a new entry into Ohio State’s lore with two touchdowns on two passes. What’s even more impressive is that his scores came before this game became a total blowout. The freshman contributed meaningful plays when it was still close, his stats weren’t padded on at the end. With the Buckeyes potentially heading into the playoffs, his timing couldn’t be better as Olave will have another national stage to show of his talents.

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