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Chris Osgood's Feel-Good Story Comes To A Butt-End

While Mitch Albom was gushing over what a selfless mensch Chris Osgood is on the Sports Reporters this morning for gracefully stepping aside when the Red Wings signed Dominik Hasek, he conveniently ignored the cheap shot Osgood took with the butt-end of his stick to the Stars' Mike Ribeiro at the end of regulation last night in Game 2 of the Western Conference Finals.

Even though Ribeiro retaliated, it would be hard to envision any reaction from the league that doesn't come down heaviest on the goalie. Granted, Osgood has been in net for all of the Red Wings eight consecutive playoff wins and it helps to only have to make 17 saves.

Detroit made up for the loss of center Johan Franzen for the first of two games with a concussion by getting first-period goals by Darren Helm and Henrik Zetterberg. In a series where the Stars look altogether outclassed, a possible suspension of a hot goaltender could be just the thing to help swing a series as it heads to Dallas.

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