Chris Thompson Breaks Up While Talking About Jay Gruden's Doomed Future In Washington

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Shit sucks in Skins land these days, which is about as evergreen a statement as there is, but it sucks enough at this specific moment that everyone in the building is having a very bad time. The Skins were blown out at home by the Patriots on Sunday, 33–7, in front of a crowd that was overwhelmingly supporting the visitors. The Skins never ran one single play inside the red zone, and crossed midfield just twice in the entire game, with the second trip into New England territory coming on the final drive of the game, in the garbagest of garbage time. The Skins manage to get worse by the week, which is really something when you consider how bad they’ve always been.

After the game, Dan Snyder and team president Bruce Allen skedaddled on out of there more quickly than usual, and it is widely assumed that head coach Jay Gruden will be fired very soon, possibly before I have finished typing up this blog. Gruden is not a good head coach, but this is also an extremely busted and self-defeating organization, and the roster sucks, and anyone, anyone will look better in just about any situation other than this one. One thing Gruden is, though, is well-liked by his players. Running back Chris Thompson was asked about Gruden’s future with the franchise after the loss, and he struggled to articulate an answer while fighting back tears:


Gruden was asked about his expectations for his future in Washington, and could only muster up, “If the key works Monday, I’ll keep working.” The horrors of this nightmare organization come for everyone eventually, and it’s a bummer to see someone get so thoroughly chewed up by Dan Snyder’s dysfunctional operation. Thompson should take comfort from the knowledge that, if Gruden is fired, he will at least be free from this crap. Anyone in any job is better off anywhere else than with the Skins.