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Christian Laettner is not particularly popular in the state of Kentucky. Indeed, it's argued he's the most hated man in the state, a characterization that reflects both Kentucky's basketball-first attitude and its long memory (it's been nearly 20 years since Laettner hit the buzzer-beater that led his Duke Blue Devils over the Wildcats in the 1992 NCAA Tournament).

So when Laettner agreed to coach a "Villains" All-Star team (featuring fellow Dukie Nolan Smith, UNC's Tyler Hansbrough, and other historical thorns in Wildcat necks) against Kentucky's famous alums in a V Foundation charity game—and proceeded to get on all fours to clean the court, then get ejected—don't think for a second that he was demeaning himself. It was all an elaborate way of, once again, telling UK fans, "Scoreboard." Here's what he said afterward:

There's nothing wrong with booing. [...] They should be mad at me for what I did to their team.


The amount of trolling in that statement is subtle to the point of over-sophistication. Every boo, every middle finger, every "FUCK YOU LAETTNER," every "Kentucky's #1 Villain" poster he signs, is a reminder to him (and to neutral observers willing to pay attention) that he kicked Kentucky's balls so hard they still ache in 2011.

Oh, and the Villains won in overtime, 152-149.

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