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Citi Field Streaking Jabroni Faces Stiff Consequences

38-year-old Craig Coakley made a bet with his boss that he'd streak across Citi Field with a stuffed monkey jockstrap. He succeeded! Now he's never allowed back to Citi Field again.

Not only is he banned for life from Citi Field, but Coakley also faces up to $5,000 worth of fines and a year in the clink for his semi-nude dash. Coakley, a plumb-ah for Tri-County Plumbing in Floral Park, didn't think he'd get in so much trouble:

"It was a bet. My boss said he would pay me a week's worth of salary if I did it and my lawyer told me it's only a misdemeanor."


Sending out a a YouTube video flaunting your buddy's idiocy doesn't seem like such a smart idea now does it?

Streaker at Mets' Game Could Face A Year In Jail [NYT/City Room]

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