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City Council To Consider Banning Second-Half Alcohol Sales At 49ers Games

49ers fans can’t seem to go a week without involving themselves in an ugly brawl, and the Santa Clara city council is starting to get a little fed up. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, two council members have suggested the institution of a second-half booze ban at the stadium.

From the Chronicle:

[Councilwoman Lisa Gimor] said the council will explore several options, including increasing the number of police officers assigned to the stadium and halting alcohol sales after halftime.

[Councilwoman Teresa O’Neill] said she might be on board with a second-half booze ban.

“I know they make a lot of money off of alcohol sales, but if people have an hour and a half (without alcohol) maybe they will cool down a bit,” she said.


The Santa Clara police chief told the Chronicle that his department usually makes about 30 arrests per game, but that he doesn’t foresee a second-half alcohol ban making much of a difference. He’s probably right; if football fans are good at anything, it’s finding creative ways to stay as shitfaced as possible while turning the stadium into a hell on Earth.

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[SF Chronicle]

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