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Right now, the red glow from Clay Travis’s ass is visible from 100 miles away. His book Republicans Buy Sneakers Too, a title that aged very poorly from when it was announced to when it was published, has also sold very poorly.

Travis’s book is currently ranked 351st in books on Amazon, up from 403 earlier this week. It did not make the New York Times bestseller list, so he claimed that the New York Times only promotes and features left-leaning books. Except, they don’t. The screengrab below was from Wednesday, but as of today, Fox News analyst Gregg Jarrett and former Utah Republican Rep. Jason Chaffetz both have books in the top 15.


(Also worth mentioning: The Times openly states that its formula is not based solely on sales, because conservative publishers—Travis’s book is published by Broadside Books, a HarperCollins imprint for conservative non-fiction—have long scammed their way onto bestseller lists via bulk orders.)

Clay tried another route, which he deleted either out of shame or because he was wrong, though neither have generally stopped him before. Certainly the poor showing is because the book is non-fiction, he argued. If it were fiction, it’d be doing better. Should’ve written a fiction book instead, then. This evidence was very convincing because he circled some numbers.


Oh, wow, can you believe this? A totally real independent bookstore owner canceled Clay’s event! The definitely not imaginary person thought Clay and his book sucked and didn’t want them at their store. That’ll surely get the attention of a barely human right-wing Twitter agitator to scare up sales of a book that no one bought:


There’s only one strategy left: Cry to the president about it.


Clay Travis’s entire persona requires a credulous audience to believe that he is considered dangerous by the “mainstream media”—that they don’t want the powers that be to broadcast what he says because he’ll disrupt worldviews and break down authority. In reality, no one likes him, no one wants his book, and no one watches his TV show. Good thing the New Yorker treated this huckster as a voice worth listening to.

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