This video tableau of good ol' midwestern football revelry comes from the infamous Municipal Parking Lot tailgate scene (The Muni Lot), where, as one reader says, "society devolves to its lowest point each week." The top video, courtesy of the eagle-eyed videographers /amateur pornographers at "Maddawg1790," shows one couple engaged in fellatio acrobatics this past Sunday, as the cars woosh along the highway and the other partygoers dance the afternoon away. Video editor Matt Toder has shined a spotlight on them, just in case you can't spot their lovemaking.

Let's cut to the next scene, where one drunk individual, who appears to have been slighted by the DJ host with the rock-the-party microphone, decides the best way to begin hand-to-hand combat is without shoes and pants. His half-naked gusto was met with resistance from the crowd and he was summarily disposed of by a united front ordered to protect the party tent at all costs.


These are the type of passionate fans that have helped the upstart Browns off to a 2-1 start. With this kind of support week in, week out, they'll pose a challenge to any team this season.