Clint Hurdle Is Fine, Everybody

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So this morning we alerted you to the mysteriously magenta visage of Pirates skipper Clint Hurdle. He is fine. We know that, now.


Earlier, we were troubled by the color of his face, and became even more troubled when someone alerted us that Hurdle looked like he was undergoing topical chemotherapy treatments (to treat skin cancer). We phoned the Deadspin staff oncologist, who said, yes, Hurdle's face may be a side effect of Efudex, one such drug. According to the drug's website: "The redness, crusting, and peeling are signs that EFUDEX® is working."

So we emailed Brian Warecki, the Pirates' director of media relations, to ask if Hurdle was ok.


He wrote,

As it turns out, Clint is just fine. The camera at Wrigley was temporarily distorted. (If you take a close look at the umpire's ears in that final frame, you can see they are also slightly purple/red.)

Below is a photo taken of Clint a few days prior [at right in the triptych]. (As you can see, even when arguing his point, he is not that red.)

So there you have it. Clint Hurdle is ok. No one is red-faced anymore.

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