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Clinton Portis' Craziest Costume Yet

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Other Clinton Portis costumes have been deep, terrifying glimpses into the most cavernous regions of his soul, a tiny peek at the scary child within, peering out into the world, hoping it's not raining anymore. But this, his most recent one, however, is the most horrifying at all: A monstrous look at psychological havoc, a twisted, tangled web of neurosis and fear, spread out there for the world to understand and to witness, in all its pain and glorious anger. It's Portis' soul out there for us all to see, and we have to discuss how to handle it — whether we can handle it.

Eh? What's that? Portis wasn't wearing a costume this week? Because the weather was so bad that he didn't have to finish what he called "probably the best one of all time?" You mean that's just him?


Naw, we don't believe it.

Team Adjusts to Stormy Weather With an Early Practice [Washington Post]

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