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Clipping Coupons At "Cold Pizza"

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We know we pick on "Cold Pizza" a little more than we should around here; it's kind of an easy target sometimes, and besides, since we're here by ourselves all day, it's the only thing on. It's not as bad a show as, say, "Quite Frankly" or "Teammates," which is not to say it will ever be confused with anything good.

And perhaps we should enjoy "Cold Pizza" as much as we can, while we can, because if a recent memo from a "Cold Pizza" coordinating producer fired around the office can be believed, times are even tougher over there than we thought.

Please be judicious with your use of the Cold Pizza index cards. We have used twice as many of these cards in the last couple of months as we have in the past ... and they are expensive. These cards are essentially for on-air talent questions/scripts items and they look good on camera. Please use regular index cards for off-air research, bullet points and production needs.


The memo fails to include: "Also, the post-it notes Woody Paige uses for his slapstick predictions segment are specifically chosen for how well they reflect off Paige's face on camera. They are very expensive. Please use the generic brand Post-It notes ... and try to limit yourself to one. Oh, and all staffers attempting to speak with Mr. Bayless off camera should stop. You are upsetting his concentration."

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