This sure feels like Punk positioning things to make it seem like he’s the victim in all this, and if only the selfish and big bad Bucks and Omega would simply deign to work with him, fans would get everything they want. Punk would get everything he wants. Except Punk has always wanted everything he wants without actually caring what it takes to get it, just as long as he gets it, and as long as he can make it look like he’s just doing a service for the true fan.


It seems like it will take more than money and some begging for the Bucks and Omega to get over Punk shitting on everything they’d created, everything they’d accomplished, and everything they are simply because Punk wants them to. Certainly Punk knows the draw that any feud with him and any combination of the Bucks, Omega, and Page would be, and it certainly looks like he’s playing on that to get his return without having to own up to anything he did or said, and to try and make the others the real villains in this. He’ll turn the AEW fans against those who created AEW in the first place if he has to, or he’ll die trying, before just saying he’s responsible in any way for his own exile. It’s really classic Punk.

He’ll be back in an AEW ring pretty soon. They just scheduled a Dynamite in June in Chicago, which seems curious to say the least. With the Bucks and Omega’s contract status up in the air, and the general bile from former coworkers toward him like Jon Moxley or Hangman Page — not to mention the cadre of other wrestlers who can’t stand his guts — it’s a wonder how much AEW is going to have to give up to get him there.


But as we’ve learned in the past, it’s never enough for CM Punk.

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