CM Punk Rips Apart The WWE In Revealing Interview About His Departure

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Former WWE champion CM Punk joined Colt Cabana's "The Art of Wrestling" podcast this week and dove deep into why he left the company. There is a ton of interesting stuff in here, and it's certainly worth a listen for hardcore fans who want the most in-depth look into why Punk left the wrestling behemoth.

Among the many anecdotes, one that stands out involves Punk's medical drama with a cyst on his back. Starting at around 1:13:00 in the video, Punk says the WWE's traveling doctor neglected a growth on his back that eventually became very painful. The doctor, he says, would only prescribe generic antibiotics that only caused more issues. Near 1:30:00, Punk says he visited a doctor in Tampa who told him that the cyst was in fact a full-blown staph infection, and that he would need to be hospitalized immediately.


It's pretty damning stuff, and just one of the highlights of the candid interview. If you get a chance to listen to the whole thing, Punk also discusses the WWE purposely firing him on his wedding day. The podcast is fairly long, but it's filled with some great behind-the-scenes color. Check it out.


h/t Doug