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CNN Gives Us The Mother Of All Telestrator Dongs

Everything about this picture is ideal: facial expressions, hand gestures, and, especially, telestrator dong placement (TDP). Why, this telestrator dong was so perfect, The Daily Show got in on the fun. Video after the jump.

If you haven't figured it out, the image occurred on CNN during a marathon session of coverage on the unidentified-missile-type-thing that was all the rage yesterday. The Daily Show's video people put together a nice montage of news commentators speculating about the origin of of the missile, and whether or not it even was a missile. As per usual, Jon Stewart bested them all with some old-fashioned profanity.

If giant sky cocks existed, everyday would be a double rainbow day around here and cloud fetishists would be considered even bigger weirdos.


Via @gunaxin and Alexander

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