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Coach K Fights The Man, Man

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We hope everyone enjoyed somewhat well-publicized loss to North Carolina on Saturday. You know who really enjoyed it? The media. You might not have known this, but Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski has uncovered the wretched, worldwide anti-Duke bias in the media.

No, really.

"Wow, it's been sad," Krzyzewski said [of the anti-Duke sentiment prevalent in the media]. "And I think it's been orchestrated. I not only think, I know it has been."


We know that part of being a successful leader is bunkering in with your charges, insulating yourself away from the outside world, fostering a us-against-humanity mentality regardless of exterior forces. But if there's an anti-Duke bias in the mainstream media, then we, and everyone we know, are aardvarks.

Of course, we're just part of the "orchestration."

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