Coach K Has No Comment On Gucci Mane's Sex Life

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Yesterday, rapper Gucci Mane went on a barely decipherable Twitter rant in which he dished dirt on women in the music industry with whom he has allegedly had sex. One tweet in particular caught our eye:

We were shocked to see Gucci Mane dragging esteemed Duke University men's basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski into his sex life. Was Coach K really there while Gucci Mane had a threesome with Keyshia and a white girl in Orlando? Curious, we decided to reach out to Duke to see if Coach K had any comment. After speaking with the school's assistant director of sports information, we received the following comment from the university:

Tom, Duke has no comment on this.

However, it looks like Gucci Mane's manager, Kevin Lee, is nicknamed Coach K. I'm assuming that is who the tweet referred to.



h/t Emma