Coach K Speaks!

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Our long national nightmare is over. We can all rest a bit easier now, because Coach K is finally weighing in on the Duke lacrosse case. Our parents tell us stories of how they feared world events in the 1960s would overwhelm them, and how they would tune in to the CBS news every evening, and things would seem better. Somehow, the presence of Walter Cronkite made you understand that everything would be OK. And that's the way it is on the Duke campus now that Blue Devils basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski has spoken out in full solidarity, um, in utter opposition, ah, in lukewarm, half-hearted support of the Duke players in this high-profile controversy. Among Coach K's no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners quotes:

What I've tried to do behind the scenes is say, 'We're with you. We'll see what happens, and whatever happened if you did it, you should be punished.' Giving support does not mean you're choosing sides. Giving support is what a university should do ... because we're in the kid business.

Yes, you can almost smell the graham cracker being dipped into the milk. By the way, nothing in the interview about this, in case you were wondering.


So you know, though: We're in the kid business.

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