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Coach K, Summed Up In One Smarmy Quote

You know what Mike Krzyzewski loves about a Butler-Duke national championship? I mean, besides that it's fetish porn for the Playing Basketball The Right Way crowd? What Mike Krzyzewski really loves about Butler-Duke is the game's delicious elitism.

I quote:

"What I think the great story is, tomorrow night is two private institutions playing for the national title," Krzyzewski said. "I don't know how much that's been done. I think that's a pretty cool thing, to have two private institutions playing for the national title. It's a pretty cool thing."


Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli was cool. Earl Monroe was cool. But a basketball game serving as monument to scholastic exclusivity? I submit here that Mike Krzyzewski does not know cool or even "pretty cool" and that he will never know either unless Marvin Gaye is one day resurrected as a white point guard from Naperville.

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