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Coach K's Facebook Presence Does Not Come With A Sense Of Humor

The person who runs the official Mick Krizilonski Facebook page is a person who cannot put "has a functioning sense of humor" or "understands satire" on a resumé. Case in point: This morning, Coach K's official Facebook page shared an article with the headline "#HotSportsTakes: Jim Boeheim Could Learn From the Coach K Way," written by Grantland's Andrew Sharp. The article is, as is evident to anyone who reads it, satirical.


And yet there it is, being pimped in earnest by Coach K's Facebook presence. This is really kind of perfect, though. There's not a chance that the real Coach K has ever used Facebook, but if he did, he would totally be the kind of humorless dolt who would share Onion articles with incredulous statements like, "I can't believe this is happening! What is this country coming to?" So I guess maybe the person running Coach K's page actually deserves a raise?

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