This right here is something else. Late in the third quarter of Friday night's game between Arsenal Tech and Fort Wayne South Side in Indianapolis, a player was tackled out of bounds. Everything quickly went to hell.

Players from both sides were shoving, yelling and generally looking for any reason to really get nuts, when finally a couple of adults and authority figures obliged. At around the :28 mark, two coaches start shoving each other, with one actually throwing a punch. He then found himself on the ground, nearly trampled by an army of jacked-up teenagers in helmets and shoulder pads who no longer had any reason to even try to control themselves.

Whistles blew. Referees hilariously continued throwing flags. The PA begged fans to stop rushing the field. Chaos on a Friday night in Indy.

The game was halted shortly after order was restored with Arsenal Tech up 24-6. No arrests were made and no injuries were reported.


Fight Halts South Side-Indy Tech Game [WANE]