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Coco Crisp's Armed Security Team Was Following In Another Car When He Got DUI Stopped

Maybe Covelli Loyce Crisp thought a Dodge pickup truck was beneath him. Or maybe the truck was full. There's a chance he just didn't want to leave his Rolls at a sushi joint or a Scottsdale, Arizona club called Smashboxx.

For whatever reason, when the Oakland A's outfielder also known as Coco Crisp was pulled over to allegedly blow a .13, the po-po noticed that another car stopped.

When the officer asked Crisp if he knew the occupants of the truck, he said "there were some issues with some people so the Secret Service was providing security," the report said.

Two men in the truck confirmed they were Crisp's armed private security, police said.


Scottsdale police: Coco Crisp had 'secret service' following him [AZCentral]

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