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Colin Cowherd, Economist: Unemployed Midwesterners Have Brought It On Themselves

Awful Announcing brings us this video of Cowherd being a pompous prick in the way only he can.

Cowherd does two things here that we've come to expect from him—one is the "I could argue" deflecting construction, which you see all over the place; more important, though, is Cowherd's blaming of individuals for demographic problems.

"I could argue that if you still live in Cleveland at this point, you're bringing unemployment on, couldn't I?"

"If you live in Youngstown, Ohio should I have no sympathy that you're unemployed? You're kinda bringing it on yourself."

"If you live in Ohio or Indiana rurally, you're kinda bringing unemployment on yourself."


You'll remember, from when Cowherd was ripping on John Wall, that Cowherd loves this shit about athletes who don't have dads, and how they can't lead or share. As though it's John Wall's fault he didn't have a father, as though you address social problems by shaming lots of individuals. So today's Rust Belters—and not bad labor leadership, or the declining importance of American steel, or the rise of Japanese automakers—are to blame for their unemployment. And they need to leave their hometowns, because Colin Cowherd once moved to Bristol and got even more money. It's okay, though, he's sympathetic. Please. Someone better make this guy a cashier.

Colin Cowherd On Unemployment And LeBron James [Awful Announcing]

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