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Racist Gumby Colin Cowherd recently gave an interview to The Hollywood Reporter, marking the first time he’s spoken publicly since his take on Dominican baseball players earned him an early exit from ESPN. At one point, Cowherd was asked if he had spoken to any of the baseball players who were angered by his comments. (Among them was Pedro Martinez, who, when asked about Cowherd’s takes, said, “I’m sorry. He needs to get to my level to answer him. I’m in the Hall of Fame.”) This led to a very Cowherd response:

Major League Baseball denounced your remarks. Did you talk to anyone from the league?

No, I’d love to reach out to Pedro Martinez. I had him on my show about three or four months before I left. There is a Rain Man quality to his baseball knowledge. He was an incredible guest.


Okay, “Rain Man” has become pretty common shorthand for describing people who have a strange and exceptional talent for something, but there’s something undeniably funny about Cowherd reaching for that particular analogy in this particular context. “Pedro Martinez is so smart! In fact, he reminds me of a famous fictional autistic person, who is helpless and childlike in all aspects, capable of massively impressive feats not because he’s an actual genius in a specific area, but because he suffers from a neurological disorder.”


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