Colin Cowherd Is Never Going To Stop Talking About John Wall

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WDRB's Rick Bozich wrote a column on Monday in which he recalled the time ferret-faced radio huckster Colin Cowherd went on the air and essentially called John Wall a nigger. Bozich was critical of Cowherd, which led to Cowherd going on the air today and once again fucking that chicken.

Above, Cowherd loudly proclaims that he will never apologize for questioning John Wall's intelligence and character because Wall did the Dougie before his first NBA game. Will Colin Cowherd ever back down from being the worst? He will not:

Ooh, and you made the playoffs in the East. Woo-hoo! Don't forget the Knicks until the last week were fighting for a playoff spot in the East, they fired their entire staff. So listen, when John Wall came out and did the Dougie, first home game, for 34 seconds, he was a moron. It's the dumbest thing I've ever seen. I will never back down.


The absolute best part, though, is the Rovellian detour Cowherd takes in the middle of his rant, arguing that John Wall shouldn't be considered an elite point guard because he doesn't sell that many jerseys:

By the way, the great John Wall—who was the point guard of the future—not in the top 15 most popular NBA jerseys. Not in the top 10 most popular team merchandise. He's not galvanizing America, this is his first playoff win. He's a nice player, don't get me wrong. He still can't shoot, and I still think the Dougie was the dumbest thing I've ever seen.


So, apparently Colin Cowherd is going to keep dog-whistling John Wall forever and ever. Whatever. While he's spending his days sneering about shit nobody actually cares about and completing his transformation into an actual, walking, breathing, man-sized asshole, the rest of us will have fun watching John Wall play basketball.