Colin Cowherd's Awkward Interview With Kate Upton Ended Equally-Awkwardly [UPDATE]

ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd found himself talking to a dial tone today on The Herd With Colin Cowherd after Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton hung up on him following a series of invasive and creepy questions. Update: see below.


Cowherd asked such things like how much Upton was paid for being on the cover, what she was wearing, how old she was, and about her time as a student at the University of Michigan (which she did not even attend). Cowherd later attempted to defend asking Upton's age by claiming "girls all lie about their age." (He has not, as of yet, defended his complete lack of preparation for the interview.)

It's just the latest ridiculous misstep by a sports media personality after Darren Rovell's creepy proposal to Upton yesterday on CNBC. [ESPN News]

Update (4:00 p.m.): Sports Illustrated's Ryan Watson wanted to clarify that Upton didn't hang up on Cowherd, but that her call was unexpectedly taken off the air before she could end it more formally with him. She gave her standard formal goodbyes off-the-air to Cowherd's producer.

It's unclear why or how this happened. Did the producer take her off the air because the interview was getting uncomfortable? Did Cowherd himself bounce her? The weirdness of the interview stands on its own, and it certainly didn't end the way phone conversations or radio interviews usually do.

Update (4:22 p.m.): Cowherd defended his interview in what SportsGrid is calling "throwing [Kate Upton] under the bus."