College Baseball Team To Wear Jerseys Made Out Of Selfies

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There are stupid novelty jerseys, and there are novelty jerseys that you can only assume sprung forth from the darkest corner of the collective unconscious of every social media manager and marketing director in the country. This novelty jersey is one of the latter.

The Kalamazoo Growlers, a collegiate summer team in the Northwoods League, will hold a Salute to Selfies night in July. The team will wear jerseys that are completely covered in selfies submitted by Growlers fans to the team's Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.


I have one big concern: What if they don't get enough selfies? I mean, how many Kalamazoo Growlers fans are actually out there in the world, and how many of them will want to participate in this? What if the jerseys end up with just a few big weirdos' giant faces on them?

Anyway, if you want to submit a selfie for consideration, here's how you do that. Go nuts.


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