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College Basketball Game Ends In A Tie

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Winston-Salem State and Johnson C. Smith blew college basketball's world with a tie game. OK, it was called due to a broken light, but it's still incredibly rare.

The two teams were tied at 76 in the end of regulation when Johnson C. Smith's Joshua Linson tried a desperation, 75-foot shot before time expired, but instead hit a light above the court. Nice job, Joshua.

The light was dangling precariously, so the officials called the game, 76-76, instead of proceeding to overtime, because they didn't want anyone getting hurt.


Predictably, players weren't happy, because what basketball player wants a damn tie?

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Quinton Alton of the Rams, who also doubles as a football player, said the game ending in a tie "kind of sucked."

"I guess they were scared that we would have beaten them in overtime," said Alton. "I guess this is just life in the CIAA. It's always strange."

Alton said he looked at the light dangling and thought it was OK.

"I think we could have played," Alton said.

The Central Intercollegiate Athletic Association will have to figure out what to do with the outcome. What's the precedent, hell, in any level of basketball above high school? I can't seem to find any previous ties in an collegiate or professional basketball game. (If you find one, correct me. Update: Reader Nate brings up a tie in 1918 between Kentucky and Kentucky Wesleyan, due to a referee error. Neat!) Do they leave it as a tie? Schedule a makeup overtime period? Wrestling match between the coaches at halfcourt?

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