And in Iowa, strength coach Chris Doyle has been put on leave after a multitude of former players have voiced the racists and negative experiences they had to endure from him.


“Over the past 24 hours I have seen some difficult and heartbreaking posts on social media,” Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz said in a video. “I appreciate the former players’ candor and have been reaching out to many of them individually to hear more about their experiences in our program. I am planning on talking to all of them in the coming days. This is a process that will take some time, but change begins by listening first.”

This is part where I tell you that Doyle has been on Ferentz’s staff throughout his entire tenure as head coach. That’s over 20 years, but all of sudden Ferentz is just now learning of this?


Stop it.

It’s reminiscent of UGA head coach Kirby Smart releasing his recent statement about how he “firmly stand(s) against racism of all kinds.” This is after his program lost a 2019 Heisman Trophy finalist in Justin Fields, who transferred to Ohio State, after being called the N-word by a member of UGA’s baseball team during a game.


In a moment in which White America is either doubling down on its hate or attempting to redeem itself for its sins, college football coaches are getting exposed. And the way they view players is revealing to us just how problematic they can be.

So, to all the Black high school recruits that will be recruited by these coaches in the coming months, make sure you take notes and choose wisely.