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Nothing signals the oncoming bumrush of the college football season than the top 25 polls. Unlike every other collegiate sport, the polls actually have a concrete effect on the postseason, as much as college football has a "postseason." Therefore, you'd expect them to be thoroughly researched and submitted with the utmost seriousness, right? Yes?

Well, in case you haven't noticed ... the AP Top 25 and coaches Top 25 have the exact same 25 teams in them. The rankings are different ... but barely. We understand that it's a large compendium of people voting, press people in the AP and interns coaches in the other poll, but this is an odd confluence of circumstances. And, because this is college football ... this actually matters. (Kind of. Maybe. It's all very confusing.)


Every year, we fire ourselves up for college football ... and then we remember how screwed up it is. Sad, really.

Copying For Others' Papers [The M Zone]

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